Film Only Wrapping

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) otherwise known as  Solid Recovered Fuel/Specified Recovered Fuel (SRF) is one of the main ways to convert waste into energy. RDF and SRF is being exported from the United Kingdom all over the world to be used in waste to energy plants. Before the introduction of the Orkel MP2000 baler, RDF and SRF had to be shipped loose in bulk which is costly and inefficient. Now thanks to the MP2000 Baler RDF and SRF can be compacted and exported with much greater efficiency.

Below you can see K S Baling’s MP2000 baler at work.

The baler works by compacting the loose material within the chamber mechanism prior to it being wrapped using Orkel’s patented wide film wrapping system. These bales are wrapped in film only which is the preferred method asked for by the majority of overseas receivers of RDF/SRF.

Once at the destination, as there are no strings or metal ties on the bales, whole bales can be put into shredders which tear the bales apart allowing all the material to be processed easily.

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